6 July 2005

To blog or not to blog

(by the elusive Lana)

Well, David is trying to get the rest of us to contribute to our blog. (Of course he is right.)
He tries this even though he writes better than us, writes about things that we suggest and is more often using the computer.
He has tried a number of ways such as -

. "Other than me, Eric is the only other person to contribute. Don't you feel bad?" Well, No, not really.

Productivity. "You should learn to use the computer for something useful." Yes we should but we still haven't done it.

Role model. "Lana you should post something. It's a good example for the kids." I am being an example on how to avoid this.

He foolishly believes that we have something to add from a different point of view to him. He doesn't realise that we think differently. David looks at the everyday kind of things with a upbeat attitude and makes it interesting.
To sum up this is the first post from me (that example thing) and there may be more one day. Who knows?

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