5 July 2005

It takes an expert fisherman

We celebrated Independence Day with our friends at Cooper's Creek. As usual the children played in the water and generally mucked around and the adults chatted. At 3 pm or so, our friend David announced that they knew a GREAT fishing spot only a short distance away and asked if I would go. I didn't have any shoes appropriate for wading so I passed.
David, his father and their friend were dropped off by car near the spot so they would only have to walk back.
Almost two hours later, David came into camp tired and wet dragging something on his fish line. Between exhausted expressions that it was further away than they thought we asked what was in his hand. It was the fish David is "proudly" showing in this photo. He would have thrown it back but it was killed by the hook so they had to take it.
'Twas a lot of work for little gain.

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