16 July 2005

Eric's invention

by Eric

After the soap bottle was empty I tried washing it out but it didn't really work so I kept the water in and I shook it up a bit. It worked as water soap so I didn't need to add water.

This is how you make it. You need an empty soap container that still has some soap in it and you need water and that's about it. Then shake. And voila!

Ariel prophesied that it doesn't work. And she's wrong.


Anonymous said...

Someone does that at work here. When the soap's empty, and before another one gets dropped off by the soap fairy, a random water imp tops up the bottle with water.

It sort of works, except it seems to put off the soap fairy, who sees some liquid in the soap dispenser and wanders off in search of another soapless victim to help.


patternnuts said...

You can also try putting in plastic fish themed goodies or marbles,etc and add blue soap (diluted dish soap works just as well). Voila an underwater scene and can make a nice gift too!