4 July 2005

Cook out at Coopers Creek

Local friends of ours and their parents regularly camp out at a local nature reserve known as Coopers Creek. It is a beautiful place where we can just relax whilst the children play in and out of the water, and all can sit around by the fire (but hopefully out of the smoke) and others can fish. Eric went with his friend, Jonathan, and caught two fish.
This photo is of the lovely lunch we had yesterday. The corn is just placed on the wire grill above the fire until the green bits go brown (or burn and the fire is quickly blown out!). Then the brave men all peel the corn and - very quickly - grab the HOT yellow corn cob, break it in two and place it in the waiting bowl. Just add butter which quickly melts.
The cast iron pot contains Sloppy Joes. This is like a bolognaise sauce - a tomato paste and ground meat (beef or turkey). It is spooned onto bread rolls. In Australia, a Sloppy Joe is a name for a sweater/jumper/pullover. Considering the nature of the food, Sloppy Joes can be worn in both countries!

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