14 July 2005

Large families are funny things

(by the elusive Lana)

I was told recently by a reader that they enjoyed our blog because it provided a glimpse of family life she had never experienced as an only child.

Large families are a funny thing. Often to feel comfortable with them (depending on your personality) you need to grow up in one, or grow up with one. When I met David's family he is one of five. I had lived at home as an only child for three years. My brother left three years before and my sister three years before that.

At his place there were people moving around ALL the time. Where ever you were someone was trying to get past you. I took to sitting in the corner where I could see what was happening but was out of the flow of traffic. Now that I have grow up with a large family that doesn't worry me. The easiest thing to do is jump in and go with the flow. And join in what ever is happening.

Much like Pascal's wager, act like you know what is happening and after a while you will. You get used to it and before you know it you are part of the family life and find it quiet when the house goes from ten people back to eight when my parents left.

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