6 July 2005

Lego Star Wars game

A review by Eric

While we were on our recent trip we visited a family that had the Lego Star Wars Game. They had purchased it a while ago, and at first it wouldn't work properly. Then I thought about going to "Start" instead and to me and William's (the boy I was playing with) surprise it worked! Of course we then played it and it was really, really fun and sometimes hard.
A few days later Dad bought the game, but we had to wait until we got home. Then we played it for a while until Dad told us to stop and go to bed. We can only play it on some weekends if we have finished our school work, but we get some good ideas on building Lego creations.
The game doesn't work on all computers as it requires some advanced graphic features. This meant Dad had to do a bit of experimenting to get it to work. He says to download the demo before paying for the game.

Update: There is going to be a Lego Star Wars game for the Mac, it will be the same as the one for Window's but it work's on the Mac.


Anonymous said...

I bought one for Iain. Will in run on windows 98?

DavidofOz said...

Only Windows 2000 and XP are supported. Also the graphic requirements are pretty steep requiring a modern graphics card. My main PC which is 2 years old didn't have a good enough graphic card.