27 July 2005

A little princess

Being another sick day, the children were able to be slack. Today they listened to the audiobook "A Little Princess" by Frances Hodgson Burnett. I had read it to them about five years ago, but it all seemed fresh to the children. If you have seen either of the movies you must forget their departures from the book.

In the real story a little girl, Sara Crewe, is placed by her father into a boarding school in London whilst he goes back to India. Her father meanwhile invests his whole fortune with his friend in a diamond mine. Not long after Sara settles in to the new school (and being treated like a princess because she is rich) news arrives that her father is dead and all the money is gone. No money, no family, nowhere to go.
As one would expect it does all turn out marvellously showing the power of never despairing, the wisdom of large families, the pettiness of many when money is involved and a little bit of what seems like magic. Love and goodness win in the end. As it should.
More reviews can be found at Amazon, and this is a book that can be found anywhere pretty cheaply.

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