18 July 2005

Ariel is 14!

We recently celebrated Ariel's 14th birthday. We had three families visiting which meant there were plenty of children of all ages. Generally the children played inside and outside whilst the adults had an enjoyable afternoon discussed topics range near and far.
The highlight was a Treasure Hunt I organised. Ariel had requested I do a treasure hunt for some time so I prepared all the clues on Friday night, finishing somewhere near midnight. There were thirteen clues, each leading to the next, with the last three revealing presents for Ariel. Each clue was in the form of a four line rhyme which revealed (and concealed) the location of the the next bit of paper.
The first clue was hidden in what Ariel was led to believe was her present - Idiot's Guide to Grammar and Style. As one would understand, she wasn't impressed. Ariel was a lot happier with the real presents (books and Anne of Green Gables - the Sequel).
The birthday cake is an icecream cake. Ariel made vanilla icecream, then mixed in some caramel sauce and lots of chocolate and caramel pieces. This was placed on the tray and candles were placed and lit. This is a very efficient birthday cake - there is no waste and no-one eats just the icing.

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