4 July 2005

Coopers Creek Water Fun

On Friday evening, we decided not to visit as heavy rains had started. We later discovered that the "happy" campers had sat up until 2am, watching the rising creek and wondering if they would have to evacuate. Luckily it abated.
As the campgrounds are used often and by many people, there are all sorts of bits and pieces left behind by and for other campers. This includes ropes for swinging across the creek, and handy logs for climbing across the creek.
Clare felt pretty brave and decided to try one of the ropes. Standing on a rock she grabbed the end of the rope and jumped in.
When we were here last year with Lana's Dad and Mum, her Dad had great fun assisting the children in re-aligning the rocks to form better rapids in front of the campsite for better rafting. Many of his improvements are still there.

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