16 July 2005

Is it dead yet?

After Lana had sprayed it white - as this photo shows - the spider was still alive. I asked James (9) what happened.

Narrated by James:
Mum wanted to get it in a bucket because she was too scared to kill it. Then she asked me to take it outside and I asked if I could kill it. Mummy said not yet. When she was inside, I asked, "Now?" and she said "yes" through the closed door. It kept running away but I cornered it and killed it by stepping on it.
I took the egg sac upstairs to the table on the balcony and opened it up with some wire. And all these little spiders came out. It gave me the creeps! There was about a thousand. I pulled the sac off the table with the wire and stepped on it. No spiders got away!

If you want to see the spider in more detail click the photo - if you dare!

Update by Lana: I wasn't scared. I didn't want squished spider all up the wall with baby spiders scurrying everywhere. I initially thought killing wouldn't be very nice, but with that much bug spray a mercy killing seemed more appropriate. So once it was outside I told James he could do whatever he wanted to do.

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