16 July 2005

Mere Christianity

I have just finished listening to "Mere Christianity" by C.S.Lewis. This is an excellent discussion of the basic concepts of Christianity explained in a fascinating simple way.

He carefully avoids most of the differences between the various Christian flavours and concentrates on the central hub. In brief, there is a God, he made us as body and soul of which the soul lives forever, we need help to live forever with God, so Jesus came to Earth to pay our debts and help us reconcile with God.

It is worth going back to basics on a regular basis. We should ask ourselves questions like, "Why am I here?", "Why was I made?", "What am I to do with my life?" and so on. That is why this type of book is so useful. C.S. Lewis has explained in a simple way the Chrsitian answer to thiese questions.

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