23 July 2005

Hummingbird's sweet treat

Many of our friends and family have asked Lana to show some of her completed cross stitched art. This is Lana's latest creation. It is a 5" x 7" piece on Aida cloth called "Sweet Treat" by Dimensions. I picked it up for Lana from Walmart as a complete kit for well under $10. It is normally an easier kit, but as Lana didn't like the chunkier style she smoothed the edges by using partial stitches taking longer than expected.

The end result is as beautiful as ever. It will join the others until we return and get together with Lana's parents and go mad framing the backlog of completed works.

Lana's cross stitches adorned our house back in Australia and it was akin to visiting an art gallery. I would give many visitors a tour of the house including all of Lana's detailed works. Lana used to get embarrassed at me showing off her work, but I wore her down!

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