16 October 2006

Clingon Assault

As part of our very important cultural Awareness Program we introduced the children to a Star Trek film. After all, how can the children interact with the society around them if they can't understand the references to Spock, Trekkies, "I'm giving her all shes got, Cap'n" in a thick Scottish accent and so on?
Unfortunately this combines with their predilection for puns.
In this photo you can see Rose's method of assisting Eric clean up the table. "Oh No!" cried out Eric, "I've been atacked by a Cling on!"
Lana is sitting at the table, enjoying Rose's assistance.


Anonymous said...

Oooh! A bad pun! I like it!

I would join in, but I was thinking of some play on "a trek in the woods", or something to do with the word Ferengi (which is funny in and of itself), but I couldn't get one to work. :(


Anonymous said...

What a hoot!
I love it. :)