2 June 2006

My Unwanted Followers

Guilty? Me? I'm too cute.

by Ariel

The other day I was sorting the shelf in my cupboard when I discovered that I hadn't finished eating my lolly necklace from when Clare and I went shopping with Dad. Unfortunately Rose somehow noticed it too and complained. So I gave her one of the lollies and hid it better - rolled up under a pillow on the shelf. Or so I thought.
When I came back I discovered that Rose had moved a small chair all the way from the kitchen, stood it against the drawers so she could reach the shelf and then she began sharing MY lollies with Clare. My lollies!
I grabbed some of the lollies back and put the rest in my hidden pocket. This is a pocket in my camouflage dress which even I have trouble finding. The girls then began following me around to get my lollies.
Somehow, Rose found where my pocket was and I found her hand in there searching for the lollies. So, I then put them in a little black bag which I carried with me wherever I went that day but they were still following me.
I started reading and took off my bag. Next thing I noticed was Rose had opened the bag, found the lollies and began eating them again. Aaargh!
So I had to put them back in my pocket and sit down.
I still haven't finished them but don't tell the girls. ;-)

Eric told me that he saw Rose gesturing Clare to come with her and share her booty of MY treasure!

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