29 April 2006

Modest Hunting Gear for Girls

The alluring backwards look.

The Action look.
Lana has just made Ariel a new dress. It is called a pinafore in Australia or a Jumper in the US. We purchased enough camouflage material before we left the US to make this and it has worked out well. The shoulders button up and the two pockets are nice and deep. The material is sturdy and Lana has made the dress with enough room for Ariel to wear a jumper/ pullover/ sweater underneath.
Ariel agreed to model the new outfit for me in the classic hunting cap and T shirt.
The special Autumn colours not only bring out the youthful colour of Ariel, but also allow her to blend into the appropriate landscape. The most appropriate landscape is probably a US forest in Autumn/Fall so we found one of our trees which had the right colours.
Can you see her?

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patternnuts said...

Let me know Lana if you need fabrics for clothes and what not from the US. I can pick them up for you! (Joann Fabrics has the best selection around here)