6 June 2006

Cow Abductions by Aliens!

Rose leading a decoy cow to the playground.

The California Milk Processor Board is worried about cows that are being abducted by aliens. They have created a web site with all the information at www.cowabduction.com.
Considering the "evidence" that is presented on the site and the short documentary feature video we have had a revelation as to the painted cow statues we saw in Shepparton Victoria last year.
Obviously the local dairy industry knew of the alien cow abductions and wanted to avoid scaring the populace. So they created a competition called Mooving Art for people to place cow statues around the town and surrounding areas. Knowing that aliens are colour blind they were able to disguise their abduction defence by having local artists decorate the cows and claim it was all a business promotion idea.
Thanks to the power of the Interent, the Truth is Uncovered.
Dan Brown - will you write a new book to reveal the truth in this matter?


Sprittibee said...

I happen to loooove art cows. :) I used to have the art cow checks from Bank of America, but they discontinued them. Real bummer. I just love them, though. Every time I see one, I always want to stop and take a photo of them. Nice parody. :) Very cute photo.

Anonymous said...

Hee hee hee... We had an art cow in Beaufort, SC when we were stationed there. Unfortunately, someone got a bit the worse for drink and set it one fire. I know it was wrong... but it gave me helpless giggles for a long time thinking that it just figures that someone was thinking "BarBQ!!!!".

The town made a new cow and dressed it in a fireman's outfit and placed it outside the fire station.

DavidofOz said...

Aha! They must have known something too. Or else why would they camouflage the cow? Just asking, donchaknow?