9 June 2006

Maths Quiz Whizzes

James was very excited with his week's Maths Quiz results and showed me his summary page:
Multiplication50/504:4010 x 10
Division50/505:3510 x 10
Addition50/505:0510 + 10
Subtraction50/503:4810 + 10
Mixed Up Test50/505:18
And Ariel wanted me to look at hers too:
Multiplication50/501:5212 x 12
Division50/501:3912 x 12
Addition50/504:20100 + 100
Subtraction50/506:32100 + 100
Mixed Up Test50/504:46

This is a good improvement over the months we have been doing the Maths Quiz. Accuracy has increased and speed has decreased. The time is in minutes. This means Ariel completed 50 division questions in 1 minute 40, or an average of 2 seconds per question.
Now James is ready for 12 x 12 and we'll see how he goes on 100 + 100.
(The 12 x 12 means a random number between 1 and 12 multiplied or divided, and 100 + 100 means a random number between 1 and 100 added or subtracted.)


Anonymous said...

Dd was reading over my shoulder, as usual, and we clicked over to the original post on Maths Quiz. She was absolutely flabbergasted that other children must run about between lessons too.
She rejoiced - I'm not the only one!

DavidofOz said...

I'm sure your daughter (Marianna?) needs to get the energy out just like our busy bees. I noticed on your blog that she is up trees, in water, on beaches - all between lessons!
(Jennifer's fascinating blog is here detailing a homeschooling life in and around boats in Florida.)