22 June 2006

International Fairy Day - beware!

This Saturday is International Fairy Day. This must be because it is an early day in Summer for those living in the Northern hemisphere. I suspect that all the fairies in Australia will emerge exhaling little puffs of foggy breath, wearing overcoats, woollen hats and scarves and dancing with little padded gumboots making itsy bitsy imprints in the delicate frost and ice.
The above web site has lots of activities and ideas for the day. Ariel has had a lot of fun exploring the site and Clare is looking forward to being a fairy on Saturday. Any excuse would be fine, but an actual Fairy day is the perfect reason!
To honour the occasion, Lana has found a free fairy cross stitch pattern from Passione Ricamo. The picture is stitched in one colour, with simple crosses and some backstitch. This would make a perfect project for the newer cross stitch fanatics.

Update: The girls did their Fairy bit on Saturday.

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