10 June 2006

Growing up and learning

"You have to blow like this!".
This weekend we had a small party for Rose's 2nd Birthday. My, how time has flown. Her history is the best recorded on Bruggie Tales and you can see her birth photos here and here and her first birthday party here.
As this is her first birthday where she is far more conscious of all that is happening, we were fascinated in how she reacted to HER birthday.
She wasn't sure about the privilege of sitting in DAD's chair, but she did like the lollies under the bowls at breakfast. Every time we sang "Happy Birthday" she joined in. But when we asked her to blow out the candle on her birthday cake she wasn't sure what to do. Normally the other children blow out their own candles well before she gets a chance.
In this photo Clare is demonstrating the deep breath needed to get the correct volume of air. Rose worked it out and followed instructions, successfully blowing out the candle. Then everyone was able to share the beautifully decorated icecream cake. (Ariel and her friends had fun doing that part!)

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