1 June 2006

Eek! A mouse in the house!

One Mouse Trap. One Mouse. May they meet tonight.
On Monday night I was turning out the lights when I caught sight of a movement in my office. It was a mouse scurrying out of sight before I could intercept. It was obviously enjoying itself in the nice warm house on these cold days and nights.
Next day we bought a mouse trap and generously spread peanut butter onto the business end, closed the study door and waited.
Next morning, nothing.
We left it another night and this morning we discovered this. The peanut butter has been licked off! And the trap remained set. We have a tricky mouse here, but we do not intend to repeat the actions of the brothers in the film "Mouse Hunt".
Next plan is to extend the area of the business end with a business card so that the mouse has to step on the card to get to the peanut butter.
We'll see if that works!

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