6 June 2006

What if?

What if the grilling homeschooling families received was reversed?
Red Sea School ponders the question in a brilliant satire.

This is one of the links from the 23rd Homeschooling Carnival.


Alice Gunther said...


Anonymous said...

Oh geez, I was just coming by to say thanks for visiting and read more posts from the well-known and esteemed Bruggie Tales blog and I saw this little spiff! Blush Well, thanks again! I'm always grateful to find another Catholic homeschool family since they are a bit in the minority in the US. And of course to get a Dad perspective!

DavidofOz said...

Well known and esteemed? Now it's my turn to blush. I thought I was only some lowly amphibian or such in the Truth Laid bear ecosystem!
The linked article is a humorous turn on the drilling we often receive from well meaning folk. We accept the questioning as a normal state of affairs, but when placed on the other foot it does look intimidating, doesn't it?
It's good to hear from you Shaun.