24 June 2006

How to fix a bike

One benefit of being the youngest cousins on one side is that the hand me downs are pretty good. Lana's sister was very generous to pass onto us a really good bike for Ariel which had hardly been used. It only required a little maintenance. In fact, all the children's bikes were in need of tightening, oiling and checking over, so today was the day.
One of the tires in Ariel's bike had a hole. Actually after fixing that we found a second hole. And then after fixing that hole, the first repair came loose and the air escaped again! On the fourth removal of the wheel we installed a new tire and left the old one as a spare. Meanwhile I oiled each of the chains and wheels and moving bits, showing the children how to do this for themselves in future. Ariel became very adept at removing wheels.
Finally all the bikes were up and running and the children were able to ride their own bikes around the yard.

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