10 June 2006

Children Quotes for Saturday

This morning was very busy with everyone pitching in and cleaning the house.
The two youngest girls, Clare and Rose, had to clean up the debri on their bedroom floor. Some time later Clare (
wearing a white fairy dress) bounces into the kitchen where Lana and Ariel were baking yummy stuff and Lana noticed Rose eating.
"What's Rose eating?"
"An orange lolly." Clare replied.
"Where did you get that?" Lana asked
"From cleaning." Clare brightly responded.
Lana turned to Ariel, "Did you have an orange lolly on your shelf?"
*sigh* "Yes I did." Ariel replied, "Nothing's safe."
Clare quickly skipped away to avoid any further controversy.
Last night all the children were in bed supposedly asleep. I mentioned to Lana (in a conversational tone) that I was going outside to get my camera from the car when a voice comes from Ariel's room, "I already brought it in, Dad."
"Thanks Ariel. Well done." I answered.
"I'm a good girl I am!" Ariel replied in a cockney accent, just like Eliza Dolittle from Pygmalion (My Fair Lady).
Lastly, I was having trouble yesterday posting the Maths Quiz results as the table put lots of blank spaces in the post. The preview was fine but the actual blog was wrong.
"This table is creating a huge post. I don't know what's wrong." I lamented.
"No wonder it's so big if you're using tables." Ariel said
"They're not that big," I replied, not catching Ariel's point.
"We always have big tables to fit all of us around." She explained.
*groan* It's another of those jargon things.
I think my children are catching my sense of humour. Obviously a huge danger of homeschooling.

(By the way, if you use tables in Blogger, remove all line breaks. Any line breaks in blogger become a blank line above the table.)

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Mama Duck said...

So cute!! Thanks for putting it in the carnival ;).