18 June 2006

Corpus Christi

I'll just slide along here.

Today was a special day at Church. It was the Feast of Corpus Christi (Latin for Body of Christ - see John 6), one of the homeschooling children had their first Holy Communion, it was the regular homeschooling gathering and we had a procession.
Winter has really set in and any areas remaining in shadow retain their frost a long time into the day. Our children really enjoyed sliding on the frost remaining outside the church at 11:00am.
After Mass we joined in the Eucharistic procession. The tradition of Corpus Christi processions began some time in the 12th Century, and are held today throughout the world.

The Corpus Christi Procession

Leading the procession were our boys with Eric and James holding candles and Peter taking care of the incense container (called a "boat"). Then came the Cross bearer followed by a collection of girls in white dresses. One of the priests is wafting the incense and then another priest follows carrying the Eucharist in a Monstrance (The big spiky thing which contains a consecrated Host behind clear glass.)
Then the rest of the people follow saying prayers and singing hymns.
It was a great day. It was a time to celebrate the gift Jesus gave us, enjoy the company of other families and attempt to stay warm in the occasional patches of sunlight.

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