24 June 2006

Fairy Day Down Under

Run quick. Fairies run to make flowers bloom!
We awoke this morning to the sun peering through clouded windows. "Oh no!" we thought, "We're too late!"
Sure enough, when we ventured outside the fairies had obviously flattened out the frost with their multi coloured gum (rubber) boots. But this didn't stop our bigger fairies taking advantage of International Fairies Day.
All three dressed in their costumes and prepared for a dance in the cool morning air around the only flowering plant in the garden - our Wattle tree. What a silly day for fairies to celebrate - right in the middle of Winter!

Look! You can fly!
The smaller costumes we obtained whilst living in the US on the best day to buy costumes - the day after Halloween! All costumes were half price at WalMart. Ariel's costume was one Lana and her made last year. Either it has shrunk or Ariel has grown a lot!
Ariel helped the little girls get dressed and made two special wands. The girls put on their gumboots to complete the ensemble and danced outside. It was a bit chilly so after about 15 minutes they quickly scampered inside for a hot breakfast of bacon and eggs.
As we were inside getting warm, Ariel commented, "How can people be sad when there's babies and little dogs to brighten up the day?"
Last night the girls were gathering all the costumes ready for this morning. Not one to miss her chance, Clare innocently suggested, "Girls should get presents because it's Fairy Day."

Will waving my wand get presents?
Ariel agreed and asked us, "Since it's Fairy Day we should get presents."
We didn't agree, but it was worth a try. :-)
I asked Clare what she thought was the best thing about Fairy Day.
"My dress, and wings and wand and we get to play."
"Anything else?" we prompted.
"We get presents!"
Aaargh. This is going to take some work to stomp out this superstition.
"Go on Dad." Ariel is prompting me whilst I am typing, "We should get presents."
Stop it!
Stupid Fairy Day. Whose idea was this anyway?


patternnuts said...

Didn't they know that it is the day that fairies bring presents to the grown ups? (Wink)

DavidofOz said...

We informed Clare of this idea. Her face dropped and she said in a low voice, "I don't want to give you and Mum anything. I want a Cinderella dress."

Traci said...

We celebrated Fairy Day a little early. You can check out our celebration at http://journals.aol.com/deshelestraci/MylifeasatransplantedYankee/
Your pictures are precious. We are a homeschool family living in Tennessee, USA. I'll be back to read more later. Must take care of the two year old right now.

Anonymous said...

Your fairies look so lovely! The costumes are great. My daughters would love them!

I found the same situation at Wal Mart this past year. All of the costumes were marked down to $1 the day after Halloween. I couldn't believe that only a day earlier, they were selling the same things for $20-$30! I stocked up on knights, pirates, kings, etc. for my boys. For that price, who could go wrong?!