13 November 2005

We've got to fill the pantry

After leaving the party at 2:30pm we had to get to Shepparton before 5:00pm. The Ardmona SPC Factory sells lots of their "seconds" and damaged goods for great prices. As it is all tinned and long term storage food it is perfect for a pantry.
We arrived at 4:30pm and rushed through getting lots of tinned tomato, tomato paste and tinned fruit of all kinds. Pears were really cheap with 2.9kg (6.38lbs) tins of diced pears selling for $1.00 ($0.75 US).
The van was quite heavy after our purchases!
Nearby is the Ardmona Kids Town, between Mooroopna and Shepparton. It is a HUGE playground. Mazes, slides of varying sizes, climbing frames, and everything for kids big and small. This photo show Rose walking past a painted Cow statue. Painted cows are all over Mooroopna and Shepparton and are sponsored by local business in an annual competition called "Mooving Art". They are painted in all sorts of costumes and the children enjoyed discovering cows in all sorts of places.
The park also has lots of these "Talk to me" points. These lead to other points. The aim is for one child to talk into one end whilst the others search the rest of the construction for the other end. Then it is the next child's turn. The pipes go in all directions and children clamber everywhere.
After the park we travelled along a mixture of sealed and unsealed roads until we arrived at our homeschooling friends' home for dinner and their company. We would be travelling with them to the funeral on Monday.

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