30 September 2006

No Thanks, we have our own.

Today we visited Goulburn's Lilac City Festival. It was a beautiful Spring day and lots of people were enjoying the entertainment, rides and stalls in the main park in Goulburn.
We saw the stall on the left displaying "Peek-a-boo Dolls". I looked at them and mentioned to Lana, "We don't need one of those. We have our own."
Sure enough, this evening Rose was denied one of her requests for another piece of licorice. She rushed to a nearby wall and assumed the position. I quickly retrieved my camera and took a photo. Rose looked around and gave me a half serious expression with a trace of smile, and moved further along the hall against the wall on the other side.
I sneaked around and took another photo, so she moved further along the wall. It ended up being a bit of a game and she soon forgot why she was pretending to be a peek-a-boo doll and returned to the rest of the family.
One does have to admit that the doll makers certainly captured the pose very well.


Anonymous said...

What a sweetheart, yes I have a couple of those too but mine wear pants!. Lisa

Anonymous said...

My MIL got us one of those dolls when my eldest was 3. They always creeped me out a bit!

Kim C. said...

Oh, and her outfit even looks very much like the doll in front center!

Margaret in VA said...

I have to comment on this, I wonder if you'll see it.
My niece found one of those dolls lying on the floor of a thrift shop. She said to her Mother, "Mom, there's a kid over there, and I think he's dead!"
She went over and looked and nudged him with her foot, and realized it was a doll! Too funny!

DavidofOz said...

We, too, found the dolls very realistic. The children all did a double take at the dolls to see if there weren't a whole collection of 2 year olds having a "moment".