14 September 2006

The Evans Head Catholic Homeschooling Camp

This ends our series of posts on the homeschooling camp we enjoyed last week. We thought you might enjoy a glimpse of what homeschoolers do when they gather together for a week near the beach.
For ease of reference, here are the posts in chronological order:

Confirmed - A Jolly Good Week
But this is supposed to be a Summer Camp
Rose is never last
Homeschooling never stops - Nature Study
Until we meet again
A fly went by ABBA - A Homeschooling concert
DIY Homeschool Sports Carnival
What do Dads do at Homeschool Camps?

So there you go. I hope you have enjoyed our little journey.

1 comment:

Nancy C. Brown said...

The Catholic Homeschool camp sounds like a lot of fun. I loved your son's "Singing in the Rain" picture!