18 September 2006

Spring is in

We took this photo of our flowering fruit salad tree before we left for camp. This is a tree with four different fruit branches grafted onto a common trunk - nectarine, apricot, white peach and yellow peach. If we are lucky we may get some fruit this year!
Spring has come around and the colder weather is retreating. The fire hasn't been on for a while and the sun has more warmth.
The seasons here are different, yet not as distinct as those we experienced in the US. The temperature variance is less and the colours are more consistent between seasons. But we can't decide which we prefer. We really enjoyed the changing colours of Autumn (Fall), Winter, Spring and Summer but we missed the continual green all year round at home. So we'll just thank God for the chance to experience more of the glory of His creation.


patternnuts said...

The leaves are beginning to change here.
One tree with all that fruit? That is amazing!

NerdMom said...

It looks so pretty. I think I may sneeze looking at it;).