23 September 2006

My Cup Of Tea

Some time ago we enjoyed reading "My Cup of Tea" by Danielle Bean. I was reminded of this when I noticed a flood of visitors visiting Bruggie Tales from Danielle's blog since we were honoured to be added to her blog roll.
The book is a humorous glimpse of motherhood and family life in a family about our size. (You can read the first chapter here) Actually, Danielle's blog is a similar collection of tales to Bruggie Tales. The adventures of a mother and her family of many children, living and loving whilst doing their bit in the world.
Welcome to all our new visitors. Feel free to have a poke around Bruggie Tales. We have covered our adventures since we first moved to the US in July 2003 and have now returned home to Australia.


Suzanne Temple said...

Hi, I'm Danielle's sister. I'm new to blogging and have been looking around at other family blogs. Glad to have found yours!

DavidofOz said...

We're glad you found us too. Ariel has popped over and enjoyed reading your blog. She was amazed at how you ended up on the American Girl mailing list with all your guys!

Suzanne Temple said...

Yeah, funny hu? Someone isn't targeting their marketing too well!