21 September 2006

The Nature of Time to a Five Year Old

Last night at the dinner table I mentioned that we would return to the US in about three year's time for a holiday. To achieve this goal we are saving a set amount each month into a special account so we can ALL go. This immediately led to conversations surrounding how old each of the children would be three years from today. Being a bloke, I figured that was that.
Today Lana took a photo of this. A packed bag. Clare is ready to go. Clare packed a nightie for herself and Rose, 2 dresses and two jumpers for herself and two dresses for Rose. They were all folded up nicely.
When Lana asked Clare to change her nightie this morning, she came out in one saying, "This is the one I'm taking to America with me." It didn't click with Lana until Ariel mentioned Clare had already packed her bag.
This led to difficult discussions about the nature of time.
"Do you know how long it is between one birthday and your next birthday?" Lana asked.
"No." Clare replied.
"It'll be three of those. You'll be the same age as Peter is now."
Lana was rewarded with a blank expression, as if to ask what that had to do with her packing her bag and going to America. Now. Or maybe tomorrow.

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