11 September 2006

Until we meet again

One good thing about a homeschooling camp is the hordes of children that are around the same age as your own children. As most of the families were large by general standards (4 or more children) there were plenty of children in each age bracket for everyone to find someone their age and size with which to play.
We hardly saw Clare during the whole time at camp. She was playing with her friends in their cabins or around the camp. When we asked where she was, Clare invariably replied, "With my friends." "What are their names?" we would inquire, to which she replied, "I don't know. They're my friends."
By the end of the week she did learn their names. This photo is of them all giggling together for a group photo.
Eric, meanwhile, was doing lots of activities with his "mates". This meant playing some outdoor games together, exploring the camp, archery, beach fun and even a space wargame Eric had brought along to play. One of the boys remembered Eric from another camp we had attended over three years ago, and they rejoined quickly. There is another lad or two who are part of this group who only attended on one of the days, but as they have all exchanged email addresses they will be keeping in touch until next time they meet.
As the families are separated by hundreds or thousands of kilometres, email is the best way to keep in touch between camps.
Eric was pleasantly surprised to find that the other boys' parents had also restricted the movies and books to which the boys had seen or read in similar fashion to ourselves. This meant common sharing of views as well as no problems with films or books unseen as it was a common situation.

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