12 September 2006

A fly went by ABBA - a homeschooling concert

All the camps we have been to have a Concert. This involves various family members putting on performances of music, comedy, recitations and other feats of derring-do. The Evans Head camp was no exception.
The Concert program began with an awards ceremony for everyone that won something in the sporting carnival (which was almost everyone) and the highest scoring team won a large box of lollipops/"Chupa chups." Naturally the winning team was the one lead by Lana and Myself and we take full credit for the win. (Although the children did perform valiantly). Just before the acts, Lana shared out the lollipops to all in the hall.
Eric and Peter mentioned something about joining in an act and we didn't realise their earnestness. One of the boys that Peter played with had organised a group of the children to join him in a recitation of "A Fly Went By." When the act was announced, up went all the boys (each around 7 years old) sucking their lollipops. The act involved him reading - from memory - the story whilst the children walked around after each other as each character. Peter was the fly. The story went fine until one lad tripped over the boy in front. One of the fathers rushed on to the stage to stop the boys scrambling for their lollipops and then kept out of the way. Unfortunately the play came to the crucial part where the "scary noise" was to be revealed. The person who was to play the "scary noise" had been put into bed and wasn't there. So Dad came to the rescue and played the lamb with a bucket on his hoof (the scary noise). He did a very good job too!
Other acts had children playing violins, performing Scottish dancing, showing a variety of finger string art, telling jokes, and a special treat - a tribute to Abba. The six older children were all dressed in white and danced to traditional Abba choreography. The littlest one had obviously practised with them beforehand and escaped from Mum's clutches to join in. In this photo you can see the older children all doing a synchronised hand movement thing, with the littlest one taking her place in the middle and doing her part.
The concert ended with an act organised by Eric and his mates. This involved making a small pyramid and then falling down a lot. As Eric commented later, "It was a lot funnier when we practised earlier."

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