9 September 2006

Homeschooling never stops - nature study.

As we have mentioned in the past, even though officially we are not doing "school work", education never really stops. This week has been no exception. The storm that so disappointed the children gave rise to a discussion how the quick strong tempest causes the nearby river to swell and increase the runoff into the bay on which the beach was part. This would change the colour of the water making it darker and include possible debris and increase the power of the rip or undertow that existed a short way out.
On our beach visit the next day we noticed the amazing entrance to a sand crab's house. Each of the little balls are just sand and spit from the crab, formed to make room for himself in his hole. As we touched the sand balls they crumbled and fell apart. Once the tide came in the water would cover the hole, but the crab would wait until the tide went out and spit up some more sand balls.
On the day of the camp athletics carnival one of the Mums came over and asked us, "Can you see the insect on this stick?" We all looked and for some it took quite some time to see the stick insect. By positioning my camera just right you can have an easier time spotting him by his silhouette.

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