13 September 2006

DIY Homeschool sports carnival

The camp organisers planned a sports carnival for the Thursday morning. With so many children of varying ages at the camp, the children were split across four teams, each team being named after a saint. Running, shotput, peg races and tug of war were enjoyed by all. Each team had a pair of parents in charge just to ensure things went smoothly. As mentioned in my last post, the team of which Lana and I were placed in charge won the competition.
We all participated in the Tug of War - from young to old. As you can see in this photo there was a lot of strain on that rope. The girl at the end holding with one hand had sprained her right wrist but wanted to add her little bit of strength to help the team. As you can see from the head bands, yellow was their colour. Lana's and my hands were sore for the rest of the day!
Initially James didn't want to compete. After some "discussion" with me he "volunteered" to participate. Here he is leaping through the air in his long jump attempt. He came first and was happy after all.
Some of the funniest races were in the 0 to 2 year old group. With parents or older siblings to assist, the little children participated in every race. Rose actually won the champion of champions in her 0 to 2 year old section. You will have to imagine the smiling - yet bemused - expression on her face as they placed the large medal on a ribbon over her head.
There were very professionally printed certificates awarded to all first through third place winners of each race.

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