12 May 2006

Why my food bill is increasing

Do I measure up to your standards?
We have been keeping track of the height of all the family since February 2002. When we knew we were going to the US we transferred all the heights to a scroll of paper and brought it with us. We have just unpacked the scroll and re-measured the children.
Ariel is now taller than both her grandmothers! Lana was feeling shorter so we had to do the measurements.
Last year when I was looking over our accounts I noticed that our food bill had increased by 20% over the prior 12 months. "How can this be?" I asked Lana, "I know I am buying better and in bulk."
Lana looked at me steadily and replied, "Have you measured the children lately?"
I looked around and realised the children had grown about 20% with a corresponding increase in stomach capacity. "Aha!"

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RennyBA said...

Hi! I've been busy visiting Bulgaria last week, but I try to catch up with you're blog now.
Good to see the children are healthy and growing:-)
Have a great end to you're week!