25 May 2006

I'm a Mommy Blog?

I have been enjoying reading Musings from a Catholic Bookstore, especially the post regarding his experience of The Family Rosary. We initially thought he was describing some of the evening Rosary sessions at our house.

He has just added Bruggie Tales onto the links at the side under "Mommy Blogs".
Does this look like a Mommy Blog to you?
I always thought of Bruggie Tales as a Family blog, or at least a Daddy Blog.

However, it is nice to be noticed.

Update: Ian of Musings from a Catholic Bookstore has changed the heading to Family Blogs. Phew! I was getting a bit concerned there! :-)


Anonymous said...

I guess with your addition, I need to revise the title. :-)

DavidofOz said...

Hi Ian

"Family Blogs" is a much more appropriate heading! :-)