27 May 2006

Chimney Sweep

We have been using the wood stove/heater almost continuously for the last few weeks and it has been getting less effective. This meant the flue/chimney was probably full of rubbish and had to be cleaned. So we let the fire burn out last night (brrr!) and off I went to do my duty on the roof.
We have a stiff brush with a ring at each end exactly the diameter of the flue. String is tied to each ring and a collection of spanners to one end to weight the string. Lana and Eric were inside catching the spanners and string and pulling. Once the brush was through I pulled. I'm not sure who had the harder job - me on the roof or Lana and Eric at the end where all the soot was falling.
Once the stove was put back together Clare announced, "Hooray! It's cleaned. That's why Dads are good to have."
It's nice to be appreciated.

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anabanana said...

Hey! My husband is a chimney sweep, and THE most exciting thing is to set off a 'smoke test' once you've done the cleaning. This entails covering over the top of the flue and the bottom too, so you have a great build up of trapped smoke from your 'smoke bomb'. Obviously it isn't so good if you DO have any leaks. Anyhow, we are in Scotland where stoves are essential!