13 May 2006

I'm my own Grandpa

Yesterday one of my friends called me and told me of a song he heard where the singer explained how he became his own Grandpa. While he was talking I consulted "The oracle" (Google) and found the song and the music.
The song was written in 1948 by Moe Gaffe and Dwight Latham and this version is sung by Ray Stevens.
This led us to discover a whole new selection of comedy songs by Ray Stevens on iTunes. We are very grateful for our stay in "Suthen" (That's how Southern is pronounced) USA as we were able to understand so much more of the songs! In one song, The Deerslayer" he is thankful for "Jimmy Dean". We now know that Jimmy Dean is a very popular brand of breakfast sausage, often used when making biscuits and gravy.

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