21 May 2006

Bruggie Tales is One today!

A year ago today we started this blog. Previously we had been sending out a little PDF newsletter to our family and friends in Australia and in the US about our experiences living in Georgia. Our first posting was for May 2005. We then back-posted the contents of all our previous newsletters to provide a complete history since arriving in the US in July 2003.
In the last twelve months we have:
  • Had over 10,000 visitors!
  • Written 750 posts
  • Recorded a fascinating history of our adventures in Southern USA and back home to Australia
  • Met many new online friends
  • Used the blog as an excuse to explore more and do new activities (so we can have something to post!)
  • Shown off lots of Lana's Cross Stitches (see side bar)
  • Found lots of free audio/mp3 tales (see side bar)
  • Had the opportunity to share my musings
  • Shared lots of things we find interesting
  • Have a detailed history which should prove a treasure for us and our children in years to come.
All in all we have enjoyed writing Bruggie Tales and sharing our lives with so many of you. Thanks for visiting and dropping in the occasional comments.

1 comment:

RennyBA said...

Happy anniversary. It has been very interesting to read about you and you’re daily life and you certainly have a great way of communicating it. For a Norwegian it seams like you have had a great year and gained a lot from you’re year down under.