13 May 2006

HMS Victory

Lana has finally framed her picture of HMS Victory - a pattern by Heritage Stitchcraft.
When Eric was five years old he received a birthday card from his grandparents with a classic ship like HMS Victory on the front. He was taken by the idea and asked Lana, "Mum, can you make me a ship like this?"
"Ok, I will one day."
He then gave me the card so I would know what he wanted.
A short while later he noticed the card and put it on Lana's bedside drawers and commented, "I put it there so you wouldn't forget."
Over a period of six weeks after Eic went to bed Lana completed the pattern.
She presented it to Eric for his sixth birthday and he was very pleased.
It has finally been framed, using the same method as the Hummel Apple Children, using a store frame and replacing the photo. It is finally hanging in the boy's bedroom and all is well in the world.
By the way, Eric is now twelve years old.

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Paul said...

We actually went on the ship in Portsmouth.

Lana picture looks very impressive. Pass on my complements.