6 May 2006

Why boys don't do girls' hair

Guess which pony tail was done by Mum?
by Eric

A few days ago Clare wanted two ponytails in her hair, so Mum fixed her hair. Rose, seeing Clare's new hair style, wanted ponytails in her hair too.
Do you know what she did? She came to ME! So I put ponytails in her hair, one was perfect but the other one wasn't so perfect (as you see in the photo). But Rose thought they were wonderful.

Update: Following Alice's comment that Eric should get points for trying, he asked, "Do I get more computer time?" Nice try!


Alice Gunther said...

Adorable! And funny too!

Well, you get points for trying!

Alice Gunther said...

>>"Do I get more computer time?" Nice try!

LOL! You see now I think it's worth another five minutes, at least! : )

DavidofOz said...

Eric and Ariel get a bonus 30 minutes for each blog post they create. Eric was hoping for an additional 30 minutes!
It looks as though an arrow has gone right through Rose's head. But Rose is so proud with her grin!

Anonymous said...

Why Dave,
You could plot a diagonal line right across her forehead--now that's REAL math! Isn't that just like a homeschooling dad. She's adorable!