13 May 2006

I like shopping with Dad

Sugar and sweet stuff - Dad bought me lunch!
I do the shopping for the family and either I pick up bits on the way home from clients or go out on a special trip. The special trips tend to be big affairs as I always try to buy in bulk and keep the pantry stocked.
I am joined by a random number of children (think of a number between one and six) and both sides benefit. I get some company and differing levels of assistance and the children get to suggest items to purchase. These suggestions aren't always the healthiest of choices but if they ask and don't nag they get some of their picks.
Today I bought some lunch. Ariel and I had a meat pie but Clare had her eyes on a huge chocolate crackle, the size of a large muffin.
Chocolate Crackles are a mix of rice bubbles/rice crispies, cocoa, sugar and Copha (solidified coconut oil) spooned into paper cups. As you can gather, this is not really a quality lunch but sometimes one just has to be a Dad and buy a non nutritious treat for the children. In this photo Clare is also wearing a lolly necklace.
"I like shopping with you Dad!" says Clare.

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DavidofOz said...

Clare really enjoyed eating it. I had less enjoyment cleaning up all the loose chocolate crackle pieces out of MY car.
She also liked the lolly necklace. Then when we arrived home the first instruction was, "Run around!" That should consume the sugar energy!