13 May 2006

Pretty Girl Cross Stitches

For her birthday Clare received the above three framed cross stitch pictures. Lana's Mum did the Ballerina and the Hummel children under an umbrella. Lana did Cinderella.
Mum had shown Clare a picture of the ballerina she was going to do and Clare then began to remind Mum regarding her progress. At one point Mum was having a cup of tea and Clare asked, "Why aren't you doing my Ballerina cross stitch?"
"I'm having a cup of tea." Mum answered between sips.
Clare paused and thought. She pointed to a side table and said, "You could put the cup of tea down here."
To cut short the time period of "reminders" Mum finished the pattern in four days!
Over a couple of nights before Clare's birthday, while Clare was asleep, Lana and her Mum framed the pictures. Lana hung all the other pictures she framed and Clare began to cry.
"What's wrong?" Lana asked.
Clare answered between sobs, "You didn't hang any in my room."
Two days later she opened her presents to see the above pictures which were very quickly hung up above her bed.


RennyBA said...

What a cute story - I'm glad it came out good for Clare too :-)

jodi said...

They are beautiful. So perfect for a little girls room.

DavidofOz said...

Clare loves anything to do with Cinderella and any ballet dancing. Before we framed them she would often request to look at them. So framing them for her birthday was a very good idea. (Even if she didn't like waiting)