22 January 2006

Learning HTML

I figured it was time for me to learn more about how to create web sites and HTML. The best way to learn most computer related topics is to buy a good book and read it.
The Missing Manual series of books is a great series. The book I am using now is "Creating Web Sites". As you can see I have changed how this blog now looks.
  1. The background images have been changed to a marble look. A fine place for background images is http://www.grsites.com.
  2. The headings on each of the lists onthe left side are now pretty pictures rather than text.
  3. Some of the pictures now have a caption, border and white background. This was tricky.

As I can't show HTML without it being interpreted, I have a Word document here with details: How to Add a caption to Blogger Photos.

You can have a look at these posts for some examples of photo captions:
Family Roles
A Baby Pumpkin
Making Pumpkins

There you go. Now back to more learning ...

Updated: Aargh! Trying to show html code inside a blog post without blogger re-interpreting it is not easy. So I have created a document so you can see it better as it should be.


Willa said...

(I accidentally posted a comment with my defunct user-name, so that's why I deleted it -- here goes again!)

This makes me wish I had more time. Those sidebar features are great. Is there any way I could assign the HTML book to a teenager and count the time I spend on it as "school"? : )

DavidofOz said...

It is a good skill for the children to learn, and a fine project would be your own blog or website!
You get to discuss with your teenager what you would like and he could then do the research. A great win-win situation.

Michael Hardt said...

I also love your new look. I think I'm using the same template you are (was it Scribe?), but I can't get numbered lists to work ([ol] tags). I keep meaning to tear into the template, but the template is long, and time is short.

DavidofOz said...

This is based on the Scribe template, but I modified it early on using a hit and miss approach. All lists, numbered or bulleted - just give that little flower.
That's the next thing in my book.
Ah. The joy of learning.
When I find out I'll share what to change.

Michael Hardt said...

I see you found the solution. Thanks for sharing it here.

Anonymous said...

To display HTML code without it being interpreted, simply use the <code> tags around the HTML that you're posting.

DavidofOz said...

Thanks Ami
I hoped someone more knowledgable than I in HTML would throw me a hint.

Learning bit by bit ...