24 January 2006

Maths Quiz

Everyone counts. Even Lana.

The immediate recall of basic maths facts is very important for our children to learn. It helps in all later mathematics work and is of great assistance when shopping.
We have created a Maths Quiz in Excel and Open Office formats which provide daily worksheets with 50 random questions for each of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. The first column of the subtraction page is the answer to the addition page. This allows for quick marking. Each set has the ability to randomise each set of questions. The younger children do the addition/subtraction set as 10 +/- 10, whilst the older ones use 100 +/- 100. The multiplication/division is 12 x/ 12, but we are aiming to get to 15 x 15.
All the children gather around the table and Lana has a stop watch. The children have 10 minutes to complete each page. They should finish in a lot less time. Ariel finishes the multiplication and division ones combined in under five minutes. Between each page the children run around the block to get their blood and heart pumping and keep them alert.
We then keep the finished pages and each child tracks his progress in a graph.
This works for us and we thought you may find it useful too.

(Note that Lana uses this time to get in some cross-stitch!)

I have made some changes to the Maths Quiz sheets and discussed how we use them here.

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Michael Hardt said...

I love this idea; both the stochastic quiz generator and the running around between quizzes. Thanks for the tip. (I'd steal your spreadsheet, but I don't have Excel--switched to OpenOffice.)

DavidofOz said...

The file opens fine in Open Office 2.0. I just checked. Howwver, I have added a version in open office format so you can use it without any conversion issues.