28 January 2006

Time flies so quickly by

The games convention we attended today was in the same series as the one I attended 19 years ago when I first met Lana. As my best man said at the wedding,
"If I was going to look for a girl, the last place I'd go would be a games convention!"
When I mentioned the meeting of Lana to a fellow at the convention today, he too commented, "That's a bit against the odds!"
The typical attendee at a Gaming convention is male (99%). Any girls that do attend are normally with one of the guys and feigning some interest for his sake. For some reason it just doesn't seem to be a girl thing.
Lana attended just to keep her sister company who was attending to keep her husband company (who was there playing in competitions and not with her most of the day anyway).
Still, it just goes to show. One never knows who God is going to have you meet.
Hooray for God!

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Anonymous said...

hee hee hee... I went to a comic book convention once and it was the same thing. I was there to keep my then-boyfriend (now distant memory) company and was bored out of my mind.