28 January 2006

Catching Grasshoppers

How many can I catch? Peter is just racing!
The rest stops along Lake George provide a lovely view of the disappearing Lake George. (B5 shows you a view) We cannot remember ever seeing it contain water. It is like many lakes in Australia. Have a look at a map of Australia and you will notice many of the water areas have dotted lines around the edge. This means they are not always there. But they might be. It just depends on the rain and season.
Some rivers are also seasonal.
Alice Springs, the inland town about 1500 miles from the nearest body of water, holds an annual boat race on the Todd river. Todd River is mostly dry sand. In fact the boat race was cancelled one year when it rained!

James' finger is our size indicator.
Anyway, the rest stops had great amounts of grass hoppers which filled the air when one walked on the grass. So the boys had a race and tried to catch some grasshoppers as they flew into the air. Here is one they caught.

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