28 January 2006

Gunfight at the OK Corral

Jest one step closer Mister, and yer gonna git it!
Blam! Blam!

Today, the boys and I attended a games convention in Canberra. Amidst hundreds of guys playing wargames from lots of different eras, past to future, were a number of demonstration games.
We had great fun playing a Wild West game where each player controls one figure and roams about the town trying to get each other player. There was a little cemetery on the board with the sign "Boot Hill". Eric remarked, "Hey! We've been there. That's where we learned to mosey."
In this photo, Eric is the fellow in front of the saloon about to shoot James' character.
About six boys played and the two umpires stated before the game that there were to be no teams. I suspect they were concerned that our three boys would certainly join together. The boys carefully listened and obviosuly thought to themselves, "OK, no teams." as they started the game blazing at each other! The umpires were quite surprised.
When Peter failed to achieve an action or missed a shot he let out the exclamation, "Drat!" or "Darn it!". Pretty strong language, I know, but we'll probably overlook it for now. :-)

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