13 January 2006

Innovative Families

A key aspect of family life is working out how to do your own thing within the confines of conflicting resource allocation amongst the other family members. Most larger families have limited funds and homeschooling families also often have only one income. When parents and children get to spend lots of unstructured time with other family members and other families they come up with some great innovative ideas.
If children are out of the home doing structured activities all the time (such as school, sports, external tutors and so on) or are recovering at home they don't get enough time to try out their own ideas.
We have mentioned quite a few of these here and will always post great ideas when we see them. That is why we so much enjoy visiting other families. In our last trip in the US we met over 21 families and learned many new methods and ideas.
Some of the ideas we have discovered over the last few years include:
Down Under Flower Pots
Treasure Table
TV Guardian (US only)
Baby Sitting family swap
Backyard jousting
How to Mosey
Liquid Soap Extender (doesn't work but was worth a try)
Picking up little beads the easy way
DIY Knight Outfit
Protecting Fruit trees from birds
Ice Cream Birthday Cake
A bush cuppa
Tabletop Geography

If you know any nifty ideas, let us know and we'll post them here too!

(The photo above is of the boys pretending to be woodcutters with a chunk of wood they discovered.)


Patricia said...

I love that photograph! Your little girl in the red lacey dress with pink rubber boots is priceless!!! Blessings ~ Patricia

Karen Edmisten said...

What a delightful post! I love all the ideas, brought together under the umbrella of necessary innovation.